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Cat World Records!

It’s about my white cat!


It’s a big white fat cat,


That loves to sleep on a cozy mat,


Eating all day and simply getting fat!


It does not seem to worry, does not care!


Yes, for it, everything in life is fair!


World Record: These are not restricted to humans! Cats are getting their names listed on record books too! Surprising? There is something amazing waiting ahead:


Oldest Living Cat: While the lifespan of a cat can vary from nine to 15 years, the oldest cat alive is Pinky, in Kansas. Anno, the proud owner, reports that Pinky turned 25 in 2014.


Oldest Cat Survived: The oldest cat, Crème, was recorded to survive to the age of 38.


Puss, another such cat, survived until the age of 36. Thirdly, Granpa was alive until the age of 34.


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